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Dream Kitty is a worldwide e-commerce distributor of animation characters. The company was founded by a group of dedicated professionals specializing in animation art. Dream Kitty's merchandise is constantly subjected to a highly selective and refinement process for product quality, price, and popularity. Dream Kitty recognizes that its success is built on customer service and satisfaction.

Dream Kitty's merchandise are constantly subjected to a highly selective and refinement process for product quality, price, and popularity. In conjunction with the advanced transaction-oriented website, animation lovers are now able to browse and purchase quality animation characters online efficiently and at excellent prices. Dream Kitty recognizes that its success is built on customer service and satisfaction. It will abide by the following business principles and practices:

  • Products offered on the website will be genuine and authorized products from original manufacturers. Prices will be competitive and significantly discounted from retail stores.
  • Wide product selection. In addition to the Hello Kitty product line, a large inventory of other popular cartoon characters will be maintained. Some examples include Tare Panda, Afro Ken, Kogepan etc.
  • Secured transactions. The SSL credit card online transaction encryption standard will be used, which prevents a third party from unauthorized access of credit card information.
  • Products will be usually shipped within 24 hours of order using a reputable and reliable express carrier to minimize possibility of loss or damage. Unless requested otherwise by the customer, consignee signature is automatically included with the order.
  • In the event of merchandise damage or dissatisfaction for any reason, Dream Kitty will exchange or refund the merchandise according to procedures set forth in "Exchange/Refund Policy". All requests will be processed expediently to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Dream Kitty would like you to know that all shipping utilizes recycled paper boxes to protect the environment today, tomorrow and for the next generations.
  • All prices are in United States USD.

Press Releases

DreamKitty.com and Sick Kids Foundation Partner Up for 2006 Holidays

December 2006 -- The holiday season is a time of joy and giving, and this year DreamKitty.com has decided to help spread some of that holiday spirit by teaming up with the SickKids Foundation.

DreamKitty.com will donate a dollar for every $100 of its sales in the month of December to the Sick Kids Foundation. The donated money will go toward helping the thousands of young patients who need the Sick Kids Foundation to help them overcome their health-related problems.

DreamKitty.com and its employees believe that it is important to contribute to their community and help those in need. The employees at DreamKitty.com expressed that "in a world where there are so many without, it is imperative that we treat our global family with care and respect. We feel that to be able to put a smile on a child's face is one of the greatest joys in the world." DreamKitty.com, and the Sick Kids Foundation will appreciate it if people would "help us help these wonderful, innocent children this December by making your holiday gifts extra special by purchasing them from DreamKitty.com. Every little counts, but the more we can donate, the better."

The Sick Kids Foundation is a non-governmental granting agency focusing on child health and pediatric research. They have contributed to the Canadian and global community, not just through their monetary grants, but also through their inspiration and their vision for healthier children and a better world.

Share the spirit of the holiday season and help those less fortunate.

To find out more about the Sick Kids Foundation and their worthy cause, please visit SickKidsFoundation.com. You can also make a direct donation to the Sick Kids Foundation by following that link.

DreamKitty.com on MacWorld in June 2006 volume

Media coverage

DreamKitty.com carries all kinds of Hello Kitty goods categorized from plush to car accessories, from cell phones to computer wares. Hello Kitty USB 2.0 Flash Drive 256MB is featured in the press recently in MacWorld magazine. MacWorld is a well-known magazine in the USA and Canada that reports different Macintosh products. In the June 2006 volume of MacWorld, Hello Kitty USB 2.0 Flash Drive 256MB was viewed under the top product category. 

As the technology excels, childhood characters and images are also coming back to the fashion world. Items that feature these icons have become very popular; such as Hello Kitty computer wares, Snoopy car gadgets and much more. DreamKitty is a retail store that sells all kinds of cute items with these popular icons, and Hello Kitty Headphone by DreamKitty has recently been reviewed in Gizmodo. Gizmodo is a technology weblog that reviews electronic devises, Gizmodo also acts as part of Gawker Media network.

We were featured on UK's Custom PC magazine's May 2004 issue!

Everything about this little cat is cute: the long, pink cable it uses to connect to a free USB port; the way it speaks to you in either English or Japanese; and the endearing manner in which it bashes its keyboard along with you as you work. Even its rather hefty price tag and the fact that it takes up one USB port and only provides a meager two in return, is somehow, cute. If you like cute, then the Hello Kitty USB hub pretty much has all your cute needs taken care of. But if you're not into cuteness, your probably won't last five seconds before drop-kicking it down the garden.

Visit their web site at www.custompc.co.uk

Also featured on Gizmodo review by Joel Johnson on Wednesday, March 17th, 2004:

This $79 USB Hello Kitty responds to your keyboard input by talking in either Japanese and English, as well as waving her arms and head. It is at one point referred to as 'Hello Kitty Vibration Mascot', which is humorous in context, but I've just ruined it for your.

Visit their web site at: www.gizmodo.com

Tech Toys for Kids
December 24, 2002

DreamKitty Hello Kitty Mouse & Multimedia Keyboard

The candy-colored keyboard offers quick start buttons (for e-mail, Internet access, multimedia activities, etc.) as well as a volume control and wrist rest. Keys are color-coded and available in Chinese as well. The keyboard works with Microsoft Windows 95, 98, NT, and 2000. As for the mouse, we're not sure which is cuter-the pretty, pink, portable device itself (which works with Microsoft Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, and XP) or the adorable tin mini-lunch box it comes in.

- Vicki Jacobson

DreamKitty Hello Kitty USB Hub

This pricey but oh-so-cute hub includes two ports for connecting your favorite peripherals. Kitty even responds to your keyboard entry with motion (moving her head from side to side and typing on her own keyboard) and sound (speaking English or Japanese).

- Vicki Jacobson

DreamKitty.com on USA Today! [May 3, 2002]

TRENDS & PHENOMENA A rabbit jumps all over Hello Kitty's market niche

Hello Kitty, that red-bowed icon of cutesyness, has graced the pencil boxes and coin purses of many a prepubescent girl for more than 25 years.

But now she's got competition in the form of a blobby white bunny aptly named MashiMaro (a twist on the word ''marshmallow''), first doodled by Korean cartoonists Kim Jae In and Jang Mi-Yeong in 1999. Rejected as a children's TV show, MashiMaro soon leaped onto the Internet, eventually landing on pastel-tinted merchandise all over East Asia. He's just now hopping across the Pacific and onto the mugs, stickers and even air fresheners of kids and grown-ups around the USA.

Unlike Kitty's wide-eyed naiveté, this rabbit wears a more world-weary expression. Call him a cuddly cynic. ''Many boys buy him, too,'' marvels Edward Liao, founder of Toronto-based dreamkitty.com, an online store devoted to all critters cute and small. The 300-plus MashiMaro goodies are outselling Hello Kitty kitsch. ''Boys wouldn't go near Hello Kitty.''

-- Olivia Barker

USA TODAY, Life Section, Page 1D

DreamKitty.com, the Canadian online retailer of Japanese toys and gifts celebrates rapid growth.

Privately-owned online store of toys and gifts featuring popular Japanese characters reports 800% rise in sales between January and July 2000.

Toronto, ON, Canada - August 2000 - DreamKitty.com announces 800% rise in sales since launching its on-line store in later December 1999. DreamKitty.com is positioning itself as the leading online retailer of Japanese toys and gifts featuring popular Japanese characters like Hello Kitty, Tare Panda, Buru Buru Dog, and Pokémon.

"We are pleased with the success of DreamKitty.com. We believe that this is due to our unique selection of hard to find items that fans and collectors are in search of," said Edward Liao, Founder of DreamKitty.com.

The average order at DreamKitty.com currently ranges between $80-$100 US. Orders in excess of $300 US are not uncommon. The site receives on average 500,000 hits per month. "The greatest challenge for us is keeping up with customer demand. For example, the Hello Kitty mouse featured in the June 12 edition of Newsweek in the Cyberscope section was our hot seller for June," states Liao. Many customer service inquiries are requests for more products.

As Dreamkitty.com is dedicated to offering genuine Japanese toys and gifts many products are rare editions with only a limited quantity. Currently the store features over 200 products including plush toys, kitchen appliances, household electronics, bathroom accessories, school supplies, cellular phone accessories, and interior car décor. DreamKitty.com currently accepts Visa, MasterCard, and AMEX through secure real-time online transactions. Unlike many online retailers DreamKitty.com ships to anywhere in the world.

During the month of August 2000, DreamKitty.com will run a banner ad campaign on Yahoo! to promote two popular Japanese characters - Hello Kitty and Tare Panda. Newcomers and fans of Hello Kitty, Tare Panda, Buru Buru Dog, and Pokémon can learn more about these unique characters on DreamKitty.com's character pages.


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