Doraemon Keyboard ON SALE!

Doraemon Keyboard ON SALE!



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Awesome keyboard in shades of blue features a detachable wrist pad at the base as well as color-coded keys for easy identification. This Doraemon Keyboard is multi-media supported. Computer ON/OFF controls including: ""power"" button for quick turning on/off computer; ""sleep"" button to save electricity, and you can set up a password to limit the number of people accessing your computer; ""wake"" button to wake the computer up from resting mode. Quick multi-media player controller includes: ""play/pause"" ""Prev Track"" ""Next Track"" ""Volume"" ""Mute"" and ""Stop"". This keyboard also has a shortcut button for websites as well, features include: ""www"" which will lead right into your homepage; ""Back"" ""Forward"" and there's even an ""E- mail"" button too! Don't miss out on this lovely and practical Doraemon Keyboard.

-USB keyboard plug
-supports many different languages

System req!